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Croydon Traders Parking Permit application form

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Croydon traders can purchase a maximum of 4 parking permits per business for use among staff.

More about Croydon Trader Parking Permits

Apply for a parking permit

  1. Complete an application form:
    Croydon Traders Parking Permit application form  (doc, 4MB)

    Croydon Traders Parking Permit application form  (pdf, 735KB)

    Note: Application form must be endorsed by a current committee member of the Croydon Traders Association.

  2. Send the application and fee to Council (see fees)

    • Payment by cheque or money order only
    • Cheques to be marked ‘not negotiable’ and made payable to Maroondah City Council.
    • Send to PO Box 156, Ringwood 3134.
  3.  The trader parking permit will be issued within 10 working days.

You can also purchase Croydon Traders Parking Permit over the counter at Council’s Croydon Service Centre, using:

  • cash
  • cheque
  • money order

The trader parking permit/s will not be issued on the spot, but within 10 working days.

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