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Request for adjoining property owner details for fencing purposes

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Council can tell you the name and mailing address of the owner of your neighbouring property so that you can contact them regarding building a fence. See more information and requirements on Building a fence

To request owner details:


  • This form is not to be used by builders applying for a Protection Works Notice. See Protection Works Notice for detailed instructions. 
  • Council does not have ownership details for common properties. Please contact the property's owners corporation (body corporate) directly for this. Their contact details are usually found on the joint letterboxes.
  • The information provided is confidential and is intended for the use of the named applicant only. It is specifically for the purpose of obtaining your neighbour's agreement, who should be contacted by mail only .

Protection Works Notice

If you need to serve a  Protection Works Notice to a neighbouring property, please follow the below steps:

  • Email with the subject line: 'Attn Building Department'.
  • State that you require ownership details of adjoining land owners for the purpose of serving a Protection Works Notice.
  • Please include your contact details, the site address/es & information about the works being undertaken.
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