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Street activities permit application form

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See information about street trading and activities 

To conduct street activities that impact on the footpath area, you will need to apply for a permit. In some cases, a Planning Permit and/or Food Act Registration may also be required.

Activities that require a permit

  • Tables and chairs
  • Goods display
  • A-Frame sign displays (2 maximum)
  • Shade shelters, umbrellas
  • Freestanding barrier screens
  • Pot plants or planter boxes
  • Queuing for licensed premises

Street activities guidelines and policy

For detailed information on requirements please read:

Application process

1. Prepare required documentation:

  • Public Liability Insurance (Certificate of Currency) with a minimum indemnity of $20 million 
  • Sketch plan of preferred location of items, noting also any permanent fixtures.

2. Apply for Street Activities Permit

You can apply online or in writing:

3. Assessment.

If approved, you will receive a permit within 10 business days of your application being received.

You should also:

  • have a COVID Safe Plan
    When preparing the plan, ensure you have considered the following:
    • How will your venue be able to accommodate patron safety and physical distancing? 
    • Will the extension to your trading parameters still allow adequate access for pedestrians, residents and essential vehicles? 
    • What will the impact of your expanded trading be on local residents and neighbouring non-hospitality businesses?

    For more information on what should be included in your COVID Safe Plan, visit the Business Victoria website. 

    For more information on guidance for the Food Services sector, view the FAQs on the Business Victoria website.

  • have a relevant business Liquor Licence
    If you need to apply for a Temporary Limited Licence to extend your business ‘red line’ area or apply for a new licence, go to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation website. Depending on whether your business is on public or private land, different considerations need to be made. For the most up to date information on what is required, visit the VCGLR website

Street Activities Extension Permit fees 

Council acknowledges the restrictions have had a significant impact on all businesses within Maroondah.

What you need to do:

  • No payment is required for the extended 12-month period
  • You must maintain a current public liability ‘certificate of currency’ during this time
  • Provide a copy of your certificate of currency’  to Council
  • All conditions of your current permit remain. Please continue to adhere to Victorian Government COVID-19 restrictions and guidance regarding business operations.

Extension permits will expire on 31 December 2022. 

Footpath access

A corridor must be maintained on the footpath and items such as signs, goods, tables or chairs may not occupy a minimum distance of 1.2m from the building/property line of a business.

Areas for each zone vary subject to local conditions. These variations will be considered as each application is assessed.

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