Hoarding is a temporary protective barrier designed to protect the public around a building or building site during construction.

The regulations require that precautions must be taken before, during and after construction works to ensure the safety of the public near building sites. It is the relevant building surveyor's responsibility to determine if public precautions are necessary but owners and builders must also take some responsibility to secure the site and restrict public access.

Generally hoardings consist of timber or cyclone temporary fencing. It is the builder’s responsibility to install and maintain the hoarding for the duration of the building work. Hoardings and site security fencing contained within the site do not require Council's permission.

A Hoarding Permit is only required where any part of the hoarding is to be erected outside the property boundary or involves a change to the normal access of public and pedestrians, e.g. partial or full occupation of the footpath.

If you intend to occupy footpath or public land that is not part of building works you may need approval. Contact Building Services on 9298 4327 for further information.

Apply for a hoarding permit

See hoarding permit application form

Hoarding Permit  - extension of time application

If you already have a permit and the hoarding needs to stay in place for longer than the approved time you can apply for an extension.

See hoarding permit extension of time application form

Occupation fees

To calculate occupation fees these documents will help you determine if your property is on a declared road or within an activity centre.

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