Croydon Activity Centre

Major initiatives in Croydon

Council has a number of major initiatives planned for Croydon as identified in the Council Plan 2017-2021 and Maroondah 2040 – Our future together.

A priority of the Victorian Government’s blueprint for Melbourne’s growth, Croydon is a designated Activity Centre, as detailed in the Plan Melbourne, Metropolitan Planning Strategy.

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About the Croydon Activity Centre

Activity Centres are important elements of the Government’s long-term plan to encourage and manage the sustainable growth of Melbourne’s suburbs.

They are suburban centres that provide a focus for services, employment, housing, transport and social interaction. They are usually large centres with a mix of activities that are well served by public transport and have an especially important role to play as a focus for community activity, services, investment and change in retail, office, community, service and residential markets.

Croydon Activity Centre vision

  • Croydon is a vibrant Town Centre to which people are drawn to shop, eat, relax and conduct business.
  • Croydon retains its distinct ‘village feel’ with buildings that enhance the pedestrian experience.
  • There are intimate spaces to stop and sit; safe and pleasant streets and lively shop fronts.
  • A range of different housing types and opportunities are available.
  • Encourage and create opportunities for new businesses, industry and an exciting range of shops.
  • Increasingly people are living within or close to the Town Centre, with new housing accommodating different household types and age groups, with different activities to offer people of all ages during the day and evening.
  • Traffic flows slowly, safely and efficiently through the Town Centre with many people walking or riding their bikes.
  • The station is an important transport interchange that serves the broader area and frequent bus services are close by and easy to use.

Croydon Activity Centre map

The Croydon Major Activity Centre area includes Main Street, the Croydon Central Shopping Centre, the Arndale Centre, the Civic Precinct, sports and leisure facilities, Croydon Station and bus interchange and the surrounding light industrial areas and some residential areas.

Croydon Activity Centre map

Planning for Croydon

Long term planning has been underway for more than 10 years, with the Croydon Town Centre Structure Plan (2006) endorsed by Council.

The Structure Plan guides the development and change over the next 30 years, with a vision and objectives, strategies and actions to be achieved in future development and improvements within the Croydon Town Centre.

Through implementing these objectives, strategies and actions, as well as the guidelines provided for key sites and precincts, Council will achieve a collective vision for the Town Centre.