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Croydon Community Wellbeing Precinct

Croydon Community Precinct artist impression Artist impression of the Croydon Community Wellbeing Precinct

Following extensive consultation with the Maroondah community in 2019, the Croydon Community Wellbeing Precinct is now in its planning and construction stage.  The Precinct Masterplan identifies and guides the future redevelopment for the area and includes improving connectivity and access to neighbouring facilities and shopping centres.

The Croydon Community Wellbeing Precinct (CCWP) is home to the current Croydon Civic Precinct which contains important Council services. The precinct will be transformed into a space that will focus on delivering enhanced and functional community spaces that incorporates wellbeing facilities, family and children hubs, sport and recreation services and open spaces.

The CCWP project rollout will be staged over multiple years, with Stage 1 currently underway. This stage will see the upgrade to the former Council service centre and offices (now Hub B), which will house the various community groups which will be relocated while their permanent home (Hub A) is built.

The CCWP will be home to several vital Council and community services, including:

  • Aquahub
  • Maternal and Child Health Centre
  • EV’s Youth Centre
  • Eastern Regional Library (Croydon)
  • Occasional Care
  • Maroondah Community Assist
  • U3A Croydon
  • Senior Citizens Centre
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Bowls Club
  • Croydon Central Kindergarten
  • Council Customer Service
  • RSL
  • Sporting groups

The grounds surrounding these new facilities will also be home to 1.73 hectares of usable open space for our community. This open space is proposed to include:

  • Grassed open areas for kick to kick, picnics and weekend markets.
  • An amphitheatre for local musicians to perform.
  • A playground and basketball half court.
  • The existing waterway by the Library.
  • Memorial garden.

Further consultation opportunities will become available and we will continue to work with our key user groups and community, to ensure the rich history, culture and heritage of Croydon is reflected in the detailed design.

Updates and more information on each Hub area within the precinct can be found below.

Abutting Mt Dandenong Road, Hub A is set to be a base for many of our community groups. Following community feedback, we are ensuring that the Heritage frontage, currently home to EV’s Youth program, and Maternal Child Health Centre known as ‘the Cottage’ will be incorporated into the design and the history of Croydon will remain, while being enhanced and upgraded to fit the growing needs of our community.

This Hub is proposed to include a brand-new ground level library, children’s services, multi-purpose space, meeting rooms and customer service facilities. These areas will be a hub for various Council and community groups.

Further community consultation will be undertaken as the design stage of this Hub progresses. This Hub will be built over the coming years in line with the Precinct Masterplan and project funding.

Located in the former Council service centre and offices, Hub B will be home to local community groups as their temporary home while their permanent home, Hub A, is built.

The building is currently undergoing redevelopment and will provide upgraded facilities for community groups. It is set to be complete by the end of 2022.

This multipurpose Hub is proposed to replace the current Keystone Hall next to the Athletics track and will back on to two new bowls greens. It will be home to Croydon Bowls Club, the RSL and the current sporting groups in the Precinct and will provided much needed upgraded facilities to these groups.

What is the shared vision for the Croydon Community Wellbeing Precinct?

Consultation with the community and key stakeholders has helped to create a shared vision for the precinct:

  • The Croydon Community Wellbeing Precinct reflects and facilitates the community we aspire to be, where people know and support each other, and feel a strong sense of belonging.
  • The Precinct brings together a range of community services, programs and activities for people of all ages and abilities, within a parkland setting.
  • The village feel and local character of Croydon is preserved through excellence in urban design, and with improved pedestrian connectivity with links to Croydon Main Street and Croydon rail and bus interchange.
  • The accessible and integrated community hubs create opportunities for social connection; improved health and wellbeing; and exciting opportunities to bring together new learning experiences that raise the wellbeing of our community.
  • Importantly the precinct provides links to our cultural heritage and history, while also providing flexibility to meet the current and future needs of the community.

What is a Masterplan?

A masterplan is a holistic plan for an area of land that provides short, medium- and long-term direction for the way the land is utilised in the future. Council masterplans are primarily focused on establishing the future direction for the community assets (both built and natural) to meet the future community needs and service requirements.

Why did Council undertake a Masterplan for the Croydon Community Wellbeing Precinct?

The current Croydon Civic precinct contains a significant number of separate community facilities that are occupied by a number of community groups and sporting clubs. These facilities have reached the end of their useful life, and don’t meet the future needs of the community groups, sporting clubs, and the broader community. Council is undertaking a masterplan for the redevelopment of the Croydon Civic precinct to facilitate the creation of a new Croydon Community Wellbeing Precinct that will include a number of elements such as, community hubs, enhanced open space, enhanced accessibility and connectivity, and potential development sites.

What is a community hub?

A community hub is a conveniently located public facility that is recognised and valued in the local community as a gathering place for people and an access point for a wide range of community activities, programs, services and events. The proposed community hubs in the Croydon Community Wellbeing Precinct will be focused on enhanced community wellbeing across all ages and abilities.

Who will occupy the community hub?

The integrated community hub/s will be home to existing user groups in the precinct, including a new Croydon Library. The multi-purpose facilities will also provide spaces for various other community uses.

What impact will there be to users of Keystone Hall?

Construction of the new community hubs will be undertaken in stages, over a number of years.

Closure of Keystone Hall would only occur when the new community hubs are built and community groups have been accommodated. Detailed design for the community hubs will involve further extensive consultation with key users and community groups at the appropriate stage of the project.

Is the pond being retained?

The current pond at Croydon Library is in poor condition and as such, the proposal is to provide an enhanced, smaller, water body, that complements various other open space improvement works in the precinct.

What parking will be provided close to the hubs?

Additional carparking will be provided within close proximity to the hubs, and Council is investigating the possible creation of basement level carparking to increase open space in the precinct.

The hubs are within walking distance to the Croydon Station and Bus interchange with bus stops also located along Mt Dandenong Road.

When will construction take place?

Construction at Hub B has begun and will occur progressively in 2022 and beyond.

What will happen to the Heritage façade at EV’s Youth Centre?

The façade associated with EV’s has local heritage significance, and is intended to be retained and incorporated into the design and construction of the new community hub A. This will be subject to further investigation, design work, and community consultation as part of the next phases of the project.

How can I keep updated?

Project updates will be provided on this project page as the project progresses. If you would like to receive an email notification when there are project updates, or further consultation opportunities are available, please leave your details on Council's YourSay webpage.


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