Croydon Major Activity Centre

About the Croydon Major Activity Centre

Activity Centres are important elements of the Government’s long-term plan to encourage and manage the sustainable growth of Melbourne’s suburbs.

They are suburban centres that provide a focus for services, employment, housing, transport and social interaction. They are usually large centres with a mix of activities that are well served by public transport and have an especially important role to play as a focus for community activity, services, investment and change in retail, office, community, service and residential markets.

Planning for Croydon

Council is currently developing the Draft Croydon Major Activity Centre Structure Plan.

More information about the progress of this work is available at the Draft Croydon Major Activity Centre Structure Plan Your Say page.

Coolstore Road level crossing removal

The Victorian State Government is removing the level crossing at Coolstore Road.

Read more about the level crossing removal by visiting the Coolstore Road level crossing removal page.