Neighbourhood character study

Neighbourhood character is the starting point for the design and consideration of all residential development.

Our planning framework

Residential development in Maroondah is governed by our planning framework.

  • The Maroondah Planning Scheme sets out the broad strategic directions.
  • The Schedule to the Residential 1 zone identifies specific requirements relating to the provision of private open space and dwelling setback.

Neighbourhood character design

An addition to the planning framework for residential development is the identification of specific neighbourhood character design issues for the distinct neighbourhoods of Maroondah.

The 2004 Neighbourhood Character Study identified these important design issues and allows the neighbourhood character objectives to be met by setting out clear guidelines for residential development in each of the 23 Neighbourhood Character areas. 

Our 23 neighbourhood areas

The 2004 study aimed to identify and evaluate the significant or dominant urban and environmental elements that contribute to Maroondah's character, and develop preferred future character for the residential areas of the City.

The presence of established trees, gardens and extensive views to surrounding ridgelines were identified as features of the City particularly important to the community of Maroondah.

The study identified a total of 23 neighbourhood areas. These areas were identified on the basis of preferred future character, a function of the existing relationship between buildings (era and style of development) and their relationship to the streetscape and broader landscape.

Neighbourhood development

A series of character area brochures have been produced to provide guidelines for the design of new dwellings and dwelling extensions to ensure that new proposals assist in achieving the preferred future character for each area.

Identify your neighbourhood

Identify your area of interest from the Neighbourhood Map.

Then select the appropriate brochure.

For example, neighbourhood areas 22 and 23 correspond to the areas covered by the Croydon Town Centre Residential Development Policy and Ringwood Activity Centre Residential Development Policy.