Tips to keep your pets safe and happy during fireworks

Planning ahead can help our pets cope with the fireworks season. Before the fireworks season starts, read our tips for keeping your furry friends safe and sound.  

Some tips to keep your pets safe and happy during fireworks:

  • Prepare early.
  • Talk to your vet about the treatment options available for managing noise phobias - ask them about any new treatment options.
  • Take your dog out for exercise before the fireworks start, then feed them after a couple of hours. A tired and well-fed dog will likely be less anxious during the night.
  • Close the blinds/curtains, create a comfortable hiding place and allow your dog or cat to go there to feel safe, put on some music or the TV to help mask the noise outside, and distract them with games and food.
  • Make sure your dog is microchipped and that your contact details are up to date on the microchip register. Also ensure they are wearing an ID tag so they can be easily returned if they accidentally escape.

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