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Risk Management Strategic Plan and Framework

The purpose of the Strategy is to align effective risk management practices for all classes of risk across Council within a common framework.  It is intended to support the Risk Management Policy and improve existing risk management practices.  It is not designed solely to eliminate risk, but rather to manage the risks involved in all Council activities, to maximise opportunities and minimise risk.

The primary objectives of risk management in the Council are to:

  • Enhance the development and delivery of Council programs, prioritising public safety;
  • Safeguard Council’s assets – people, financial, property and reputation;
  • Ensure resources and operational capabilities are identified and deployed responsibly and effectively;
  • Support the Council’s key values and ethics;
  • Undertake consultation with all Stakeholders on key issues;
  • Encourage a proactive approach to problem solving; and
  • Demonstrate transparent and responsible risk management processes, which align with best practice.

The Risk Management Strategic Plan will be implemented by all Council service areas, functions and activities, whether directly controlled by Council or delivered through third party arrangements.  All employees, contractors and volunteers engaged in the conduct of Council business are to apply consistent, proactive and systematic risk management practices in the deployment of Council resources and the delivery of Council services.  

Risk Management Strategic Plan

Risk Management Strategic Plan  (docx, 125KB)

Risk Management Strategic Plan  (pdf, 299KB)

Risk Management Framework

Risk Management Framework  (docx, 397KB)

Risk Management Framework  (pdf, 670KB)

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