Accommodation business - what permits do I need?

Already know the address of your proposed business?

If you already know your proposed business address, you can submit an online Business Enquiry form

We’ll get back to you with the Council Permits that are required for that address and type of business.

Not sure where to base your business?

If you’re still exploring location options, the following information can help with the effect different locations have on the need for Council permits, and whether a Planning, Building, Community Health or Street Activities Permit is required.

Do I need a Planning Permit?

The assessment on whether you need a Planning permit is based on the business address, the type of business, the parking needs, and the prior use of the land and permit history. Here are aspects to consider while looking for business premises.

Home-based business?

If your business is home-based, see Running a business from home for any Planning Permit requirements.

Business location

The location of your business can affect whether you need a Planning Permit, or even if you are permitted to run your business there.

Know your location already? Or ready to sign a lease?

  • If you already have a location in mind for your business and would like to get some site-specific advice for your business, you can talk to our Statutory Planning Team on 1300 88 22 33or (03) 9298 4598
  • You can submit a business permit enquiry form, or talk to Council’s Business Concierge, to get accurate information on the Council permits required for your business.

We also encourage you to seek independent legal advice before signing a lease for your business, as not all permit applications are approved.

Not sure of the location yet?

Broadly, most businesses in Maroondah will be located in a Commercial, Industrial or Residential Zone. You can check the Planning Zones and overlays that apply to your business address using VicPlan.

If you are planning to start an accommodation business, please contact our Statutory Planning team to get more information on what zones you should be looking at for your business: 1300 88 22 33 or (03) 9298 4598.

Building works

For site-specific advice on whether you need a Planning permit, talk to our Statutory Planning Team or submit an online business permit enquiry.

Advertising signage

You may also need a Planning Permit if you want to install advertising signage for your business, depending on the zoning of the premises and the extent of signage proposed. To see if you need a Planning Permit, please contact our Statutory Planning Team on 1300 88 22 33 or (03) 9298 4598.

Ready to apply?

Apply for a Planning Permit

Do I need a Building Permit?

Commercial buildings

If you answer yes to any of these questions a Building Permit will be required for these works.

 Activity Permit required?

Are you changing the use or class of an existing building? eg factory to gym or office to shop/café, office to a hair dressing salon etc


Are you replacing or altering the front façade of your building?


Is your signage less than 3.0m from the street alignment and exceeds 1.0m in height above ground level?


Is your signage more than 3.0m from the street alignment and exceeds a height of 8.0m above ground level and exceeds 6m2 in display area?


Is there a new floor layout of a new or existing building? (Including install of a new mezzanine floor)


Are you removing walls or installing walls in an existing building?


Are you planning alterations to any of the following essential safety measures: change the path of travel to the required exit door, change the locks to a required exit door, the location of existing fire extinguishers.


Is the building over 200m2 and you’re planning alterations to emergency lighting and exit signage or relocation of hose reels, sprinkler heads or smoke detectors?


To apply for a Building Permit:

Do I need a Community Health permit?

You are likely to need a Prescribed Accommodation permit for the following activities:

Activity Permit required?
Are youopening or purchasing an accommodation businesssuch as a hotel, motel, hostel, student dorm, holiday camp? Yes
Are youopening or purchasing a B&B that accommodates 5 or more people?


Are you opening or purchasing a rooming house that will have 4 or more rent-paying people? Yes
Are you proposing toopen, purchase or change a caravan park? Yes

Apply for a Prescribed Accommodation Permit

Do I need a Street Activities Permit?

Trading or advertising on the footpath

Activity Permit required?
Do you plan on adding to street beautification (pots and planter boxes)? Yes
Do you plan on displaying goods? Yes
Do you plan onadvertising (A-Frames)? Yes
Do you plan on having outdoor dining in the footpath area? Yes

Please ensure you read and understand the Street Activities Policy and Guidelines before applying.

Apply for a Street Activities Permit

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