Home-based business - what permits do I need?

Already know the address of your proposed business?

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We’ll get back to you with the Council Permits that are required for that address and type of business.

Not sure where to base your business?

If you’re still exploring location options, the following information can help with the effect different locations have on the need for Council permits, and whether a Planning, Building, Community Health or Street Activities Permit is required.

Do I need a Planning Permit?

The requirement of a Planning Permit will depend on:

  • number of people working in the business
  • floor area used for the business
  • affect by the business on the amenity of the neighbourhood
  • whether vehicles are serviced
  • presence of commercial vehicles
  • storage methods
  • display of goods
  • collection of goods for sale
  • signage display area
  • need for parking.

For details on Planning Permit requirements see Running a business from home

Do I need a Building Permit?

If you answer yes to either of these questions a Building Permit will be required for these works.

Proposed building works for home occupation

Is a Building Permit required?

Are you changing the use or class of an existing building?

eg. garage to a hair dressing or beauty salon, garage to a kitchen


Are you removing walls or installing walls or windows in an existing building?

eg. Removing load-bearing walls to install an industrial kitchen


To apply for a Building Permit:

Do I need a Community Health permit?

If your business is a food, beauty or accommodation business as well as home-based, please see the permit requirements for that business type

Do I need a Street Activities Permit?

A Street Activities Permit is not required for home-based businesses.

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