Health impacts of smoking and environmental tobacco smoke

Reducing the harmful impact of smoking is one of the Victorian Government's highest priorities in its program to improve the health of all Victorians. Every year 4,750 Victorians die from smoking-related disease and more than 25,000 Victorians are hospitalised because of smoking-related illness. There is State Government legislation that regulates the sale and display of tobacco products and the reduction of environmental tobacco smoke. 

Promoting a smoke free environment 

On 1 August 2017, the Victorian Government introduced new laws that ban smoking in outdoor dining areas. This means that smoking is not allowed in outdoor dining areas. 

In 2018, Council surveyed the community to gauge public opinion on whether Ringwood Town Square and Croydon Town Square should become a permanent smoke free zone. 

At its meeting on 26 November 2018, Council resolved to make Local Law No. 14 (General Amendment) pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Act 1989.  Local Law No. 14 came into operation on 1 January 2019. Those found smoking in these areas face a fine of $200 (2 penalty units). 

Council officers also support an educational approach to all Tobacco reforms as well as a number of smoke free initiatives that include community education talks for Sporting Clubs promoting smoke free environments. 

Report a problem 

If you would like to report a problem about smoking in inappropriate places, cigarette sales to minors, or would like to suggest further smoke free public places in Maroondah, please email us. Please remember to include as many details about the situation as possible.  

Further information

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