Signage and planning controls

Signs can have a profound impact on landscape, streetscape, amenity, traffic management and safety.

Clause 52.05 of the Maroondah Planning Scheme outlines the controls relating to signs. These provisions are consistent across Victoria and specify four different categories of signs. The zoning of the land identifies the category that is applicable to the land.


  • Category 1 applies to business areas
  • Category 2 applies to office and industrial areas
  • Category 3 applies to high amenity areas
  • Category 4 applies to sensitive areas.

Each category identifies signs that:

  • do not require a Planning Permit (Section 1)
  • do require a Permit (Section 2)
  • are prohibited (Section 3).

As you move from Category 1 to Category 4, the level of control over signs increases.

Election advertising requirements

See Information on election advertising signs in Maroondah:

Election advertising requirements(PDF, 49KB)

Are Planning Permits required for signs?

Certain types of signs, such as traffic signs and For sale signs located on the land for sale, do not require a Planning Permit, but may be subject to conditions or time limits, regardless of the category applicable to the land. For instance, For sale signs must be removed within 7 days of the sale.

The need for a planning permit to construct and display a sign depends on:

  • the location of your property
  • the zoning that applies to the land
  • the type and form of signage to be displayed.

Additional planning controls, such as an overlay or local policy provisions, may also apply.

For more detail including the policy (decision guidelines) that are considered when assessing an application for a sign see Clause 52.05 of the Maroondah Planning Scheme.

Talk to us about your proposed works

Planning controls can be complex and we strongly recommend you contact Statutory Planning to confirm permit and information requirements before you construct and display any signs. Substantial penalties can apply for the construction and display any illegal signs.

To discuss your plans before applying for a Planning Permit, call us on 1300 88 22 33 or (03) 9298 4598. We can advise you on what’s required and, if necessary, arrange a pre-application meeting to go through your plans in detail. This is a free service.

Please also check Council's other planning advice pages and checklists for relevance to your proposal. If applicable, the information requirements outlined in those checklists should also be provided when lodging your application.

Application information

Please see below for a list of information that you are required to submit to us with your application.

Checklist for Proposed Signage Planning Permit

The following is the minimum information that must be submitted when applying for a Planning Permit for proposed signage.

  • Completed application form
  • Appropriate application fee
  • Full copy of property title, from land titles office within the last 90 days, along with any related plan of subdivision, restrictions, covenants or agreements. This can be found on the Land Victoria website
  • Application requirements as set out in Clause 52.05-6 of the Maroondah Planning Scheme:
    • site context report that uses a site plan, photographs or other methods to accurately describe:
      • The location of the proposed sign on the site or building and distance from property boundaries.
      • The location and size of existing signage on the site including details of any signs to be retained or removed.
      • The location and form of existing signage on abutting properties and in the locality.
      • The location of closest traffic control signs.
      • Identification of any view lines or vistas that could be affected by the proposed sign.
    • Sign details
      • The location, dimensions, height above ground level and extent of projection of the proposed sign.
      • The height, width, depth of the total sign structure including method of support and any associated structures such as safety devices and service platforms.
      • Details of associated on-site works.
      • Details of any form of illumination, including details of baffles and the times at which the sign would be illuminated.
      • The colour, lettering style and materials of the proposed sign.
      • The size of the display (total display area, including all sides of a multi-sided sign).
      • The location of any logo box and proportion of display area occupied by such a logo box.
      • For animated or electronic signs, a report addressing the decision guidelines at Clause 52.05-8 relating to road safety.
      • Any landscaping details.
    • For a sign with a display area of 18 square metres or more:
      • A description of the existing character of the area including built form and landscapes.
      • The location of any other signs over 18 square metres, or scrolling, electronic or animated signs within 200 metres of the site.
      • Any existing identifiable advertising theme in the area.
      • Photo montages or a streetscape perspective of the proposed sign.
      • Level of illumination including Lux levels for any sign on or within 60 metres of a Road Zone or a residential zone or public land zone and the dwell and change time for any non-static images.
      • The relationship to any significant or prominent views and vistas.
  • written submission detailing how the proposal responds to the provisions of the relevant zone, overlays, particular provisions and State and Local planning policies (as appropriate).

Please note

Our information and checklists are a general guide only. More information may be needed, depending on the proposal, and if applications are lodged without enough information to be assessed Council will formally request further information.

We recommend you seek independent professional advice before making decisions based on this information. For any questions or clarification, please contact Statutory Planning on 1300 88 22 33 or (03) 9298 4598.

Apply for a Planning Permit

VicSmart Application

VicSmart is a fast track planning process for straightforward planning permit applications. Your application to construct or display a sign may qualify as a VicSmart application. See information on VicSmart applications or speak with Statutory Planning on 1300 88 22 33 or (03) 9298 4598 for more information.