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The Great Southern Bioblitz

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We are inviting you to join us in the Great Southern Bioblitz 2022 (GSB) across four days running from Friday 28 October to Monday 31 October.

Come delve into, explore and learn about the rich biodiversity that Maroondah is home to.

The Great Southern Bioblitz is part of a global movement to encourage everyday people to practice citizen science all whilst enjoying their nearby natural areas. Maroondah City Council is encouraging you to participate in the Bioblitz by heading outside into your local areas to capture the range of biodiversity you can find during the southern hemisphere spring.

iNaturalist is our preferred platform for recording your nature observations. To get started download iNaturalist and get familiar with making observations (photos and sounds) of local biodiversity and share them with the iNaturalist community. Then make as many observations of nature as you can in Maroondah over the four days of the Great Southern Bioblitz. Go to our “Discovering nature” page to learn more about how to download and start using iNaturalist, and how to use it to make valuable observations of Maroondah’s nature.

Your involvement increases the quality and the amount of biodiversity data available to local environmentalists, scientists and natural resource managers. The more that is documented through photographs and recordings helps to provide a clearer picture of what occurs in our local area in terms of flora and fauna, which in turn increases our ability to protect it.

How the Bioblitz works 

The iNaturalist platform will compile statistics on:

  • the numbers of species observed
  • the number of observations
  • the number of observers

The statistics compiled from the Bioblitz are compared between the participating project areas from across the southern hemisphere, and you can contribute by getting involved by making observations and spreading the word!

To get involved and see how Maroondah is tracking visit the Great Southern Bioblitz 2022- Maroondah

To keep track of how the Maroondah community is going against the other participating areas during the Bioblitz, visit the Great Southern Bioblitz 2022 umbrella project in iNaturalist.

Not only can you photograph a variety of species around Maroondah, but you can also record sounds to upload on iNaturalist. That beautiful bird call you hear every morning at 7am, can be recorded and identified on iNaturalist. It’s not just the living plants or animals that you can record, feathers and skulls that are identifiable can be photographed and recorded. There are so many opportunities to observe nature around Maroondah! You can get started by downloading the iNaturalist app on your apple or android device!

With your help we can continue to build a record of the stunning biodiversity found in Maroondah and make a great contribution to the scientific and wider community with the information collected. Find out more about the Great Southern BioBlitz

Nature activities

Register today to attend one (or all) of our nature discovery activities being held in Maroondah designed to encourage participation in the 2022 Great Southern Bioblitz (Friday 28 October to Monday 31 October). See activities below:

Maroondah City Council will be running several “Nature discovery” activities during the four days of the 2022 Great Southern Bioblitz (Friday 28th October to Monday 31st October)

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All observations recorded in iNaturalist within Maroondah throughout the year will contribute to the ‘Nature in Maroondah’ project.

Maroondah Council has also teamed up with other metropolitan Melbourne councils, the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria, the Entomological Society of Victoria, and Scouts Victoria in the 2021 and 2022 City Nature Challenges. To view the amazing results and read more about Maroondah's participation in the City Nature Challenge head to Maroondah’s ‘Discovering nature’ webpage

Interested in hearing about future activities? 

If you wish to keep informed for this event and similar citizen science activities that we may run in the future, please register your interest.   

Register your interest.

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