A to Z of waste disposal guide

This guide provides a list of agencies and recycling centres to help with safe disposal of waste items and correct recycling procedures.

Charges may apply for some items; we recommend you contact the facility to confirm any costs before taking your items.


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Chemical disposal

Chemicals are unable to be disposed of in any bin. To find out how to dispose of chemicals safely, visit our Household Chemicals page

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E-waste disposal

E-waste – or electronic waste – refers to unwanted and discarded electrical and electronic products – essentially anything powered by batteries or an electrical cord and plug.

E-waste cannot be disposed of in any bin. There are a number of ways to dispose of your e-waste in Maroondah, including Council run e-waste recycling drop off events.  To find out how to safely dispose of your e-waste, visit our electronic waste collection page.

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Council Kerbside Collection

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If you discover a dead cat or dog, please call Council on 1300 88 22 33 so that the animal can be removed.   

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