Household chemical collection

A person is loading boxes of cleaning products into the boot of their car

Sustainability Victoria logo.PNG Sustainability Victoria, in partnership with local government, host chemical collection events across Victoria for households to safely dispose of chemicals.

You can attend as many events as you like, at any location. You must register for these collections online.

Upcoming events

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You can view all upcoming collections on the Detox your Home website.

If you can't get to an event, it is important to safely store your old or unwanted household chemicals at home until you can dispose of them correctly. Find out how to safely store your chemicals.

Find out what items are accepted through the Detox your Home program.  

Local drop-off sites for paint and other products

These items can be disposed of throughout the year at permanent Victorian drop-off sites:

  • paint 
  • household batteries 
  • engine oil
  • fluorescent tubes
  • compact fluorescent lamps.


Please check current opening hours and conditions of entry with the individual facility.