Dancing with Creation

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Dancing with Creation is a series of public art works in the heart of the Ringwood East shopping centre.

What happens when you walk in harmony and peace with those around you and the world in which we live….?

You begin to see the beauty in each other, in our land, in our sky, in our waters; in all of creation. This piece is inviting you to stand still today and to acknowledge the beauty that is in our world - Robert Young, 2021

Dancing with Creation is a series of public art works in the heart of the Ringwood East shopping centre. A small park is transformed by a painted mural, footpath and planter boxes along Railway Ave. Realised by Gunnai/Gunditjmarra/Yorta Yorta/Wiradjuri artist Robert Young, Wurundjeri/Yorta Yorta artist Simone Thomson and artist Bunurong/Yorta Yorta artist Chris Hume and community from Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place, Dancing with Creation has transformed this local community site.

As part of the Ringwood East Place Activation Project, Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place (MMIGP) has collaborated with Maroondah City Council and Ringwood East Traders Association to develop “Dancing with Creation”. This series of artworks by Robert Young (Gunnai/Gunditjmarra/Yorta Yorta/Wiradjuri), Simone Thomson (Wurundjeri/Yorta Yorta), Chris Hume (Bunurong/Yorta Yorta) and community members from Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place (MMIGP) appear in the laneway park and on planter boxes along Railway Avenue.

The MMIGP Men’s Group initiated the process of painting the planter boxes. There are four different categories of panels: the dark brown represents the Men’s Group; the orange hued ochre represents Elders; the red represents the young people of the community; and the yellow represents the journey between MMIGP and other communities. The arc-like curves around the edges of the works represent both individual and communal journeys. In the dark brown works the wave-like forms represent the Birrarung (Yarra) River. The handprints have been made by Elders, as well as by members of the Men’s Group and the young people. The designs on the planter boxes include footprints of animals including echidnas, wallabies, wombats and emus.

When the project was completed in May 2021, the adjoining shop space was used as a pop-up exhibition space for works by Aunty Irene Norman, Chris Hume, Aunty Janet Turpie Johnstone and Amanda Wright.

Robert Young, Simone Thomson, Mullum Mullum Indigenous, Gathering Place (MMIGP), Dancing with Creation 2021, painted mural, footpath and planter boxes


Project funding provided by Maroondah City Council and the Victorian Government through the Office for Suburban Development, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions. 

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The story behind Aboriginal mural, Dancing with Creation Video Artwork Credits (in order of appearance):

Robert Young (Gunnai/Gunditjmarra/Yorta Yorta/Wiradjuri), Simone Thompson (Wurundjeri/Yorta Yorta) & artists and community members from Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place
Dancing with Creation    2021

Daintree R., & Fauchery, A.
Aboriginal man ornamented for a corroboree, standing, full face, whole-length   1858
Source: State Library of Victoria

Tommy McRae
Out hunting for dinner - a run of luck    1865

William Barak (Yarra Yarra chief)
Dancing scene  est. 1880-1890

Amanda Wright (Palawa)
Installation view, 26 Railway Ave   2021

Sylvia Kanytjupai Ken (Anangu, Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara)
Ngayuku Ngura - My Country      2012
©Sylvia Kanytjupai Ken/copyright agency    2021

Tjamapawa Katie Kawiny (Anangu, Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara)  
Kapi Tjukula - Rock Hole    2010
©Tjamapawa Katie Kawiny/copyright agency    2021

Chris Hume (Bunurong/Yorta Yorta)
Cultural weapons and tools  (various dates)


26 Railway Avenue, Ringwood East 3135, Wurundjeri Country  View map

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