Public Art in Maroondah

Maroondah’s public spaces are home to numerous artworks that enhance the public realm, provide pause for thought, and enrich people’s experience of those spaces. The provision of these artworks is guided by our Public Art Policy

Public art can be permanent or temporary. It may capture community values and stories, or challenge us to think differently about our community and the places we live. We can experience art as part of our day-to-day routines, in the places we visit and share with our community.

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As part of Maroondah City Council’s vision for the creation of vibrant and connected communities, the Reignite Croydon - Laneway Lights project sits within the broader context of enhanced infrastructure and public art in the Croydon precinct, including the recently completed Devon Street car park and the future Level Crossing Removal project.

The proposed activity focuses on light-based installations by contemporary artists in up to four laneways adjacent to Croydon Main Street, situated between the Devon Street car park and Main Street. The aim of the project is to create commission opportunities through an open call to artists to provide dynamic lighting installations in the laneways that add vibrancy and colour to the area and improve safety for pedestrians at night. The project is jointly funded by Maroondah City Council and the Victorian Government.

Five artists have been commissioned to work on this project, with a projected installation date of March 2024. The artists, listed below include a range of highly experienced public artists, both from Victoria and interstate and an emerging local artist. In addition to the artistic program a First Peoples mentee opportunity has been developed for this project: Wurundjeri/Yorta-Yorta artist Alinta Koehrer will be collaborating with Brisbane-based artist Kirsten Baade on the development of lightboxes on the theme of local Indigenous flora.

If you have any further questions about this project please contact

Commissioned artists

Alexander Knox

The Keys 2014 by Alexander Knox
'The Keys' 2014 by Alexander Knox

Learn more about Alexander Knox.

Sam Songailo

Concept Design for Reignite Croydon 2023 by Sam Songailo
'Concept Design for Reignite Croydon' 2023 by Sam Songailo

Learn more about Sam Songailo.

Jasmine Grace

Concept Design for Reignite Croydon 2023 by Jasmine Grace
'Concept Design for Reignite Croydon' 2023 by Jasmine Grace

Learn more about Jasmine Grace.

Kirsten Baade

Luminous Threads 2022 by Kirsten Baade
'Luminous Threads' 2022 by Kirsten Baade

Learn more about Kirsten Baade.

Alinta Koehrer (Wurundjeri/Yorta-Yorta)

Bigarumdga Gaan Yapaneyeput - Emu and Rainbow Serpent Gathering by Alinta Koehrer
'Bigarumdga Gaan Yapaneyeput - Emu and Rainbow Serpent Gathering' by Alinta Koehrer (Wurundjeri/Yorta-Yorta)

Learn more about Alinta Koehrer (Wurundjeri/Yorta-Yorta).

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