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The Arts Lounge

Wyreena Arts Lounge

The Arts Lounge at Wyreena is an art space for artists to exhibit their work in a vibrant, accessible setting. The Arts Lounge offers exhibition space to 2D and 3D artists within the beautiful environment of Wyreena.

Latest exhibition


Image 1: Feb 7.50pm Gunnamatta by Andrew Hives
Image 2: White Clouds Drifting by Andrea Verstegen 
Image 3: Gaia Series by Natasha Chant

Arts Lounge Exhibition - Andrew Hives, Andrea Verstegen and Natasha Chant

Exhibition program 2023

Simone Thomson exhibition 1 June - 23 July 2023


View our 2023 Exhibition Program 


Reeva Ashton / the Artist’s Mark + Endangered / Meredith Simpson

Arts Lounge Exhibition

Reeva Ashton and Meredith Simpson


Arts Lounge Exhibition

Joy 40cm by 40cm


I Melted for You by Narinda Cook and Colour Series by Karen Butler


Arts Lounge Exhibition

Narinda Cook and Karen Butler


Triple Shipwreck by Mike Healy and For the Brave by Jan Liesfield

Arts Lounge Exhibition

Mike Healy and Jan Liesfield

Jessica Harris 'Kissing the Sun' and Simone Thompson 'Woka, Country'.

Arts Lounge Exhibition

Jessica Harris and Simone Thomson

The Arts Lounge Exhibition - Louise Seymour and Lisa West McNeice.png
Bloom Big / Louise Seymour and Lucky Dip China Dog - Pink / Lisa West McNeice

Arts Lounge Exhibition

Louise Seymour and Lisa West McNeice

Barbie 2 Di Ellis and Girl in Blue Dress at NGV Barry Kearney.jpg
Barbie #2 / Di Ellis and Girl in Blue Dress at NGV / Barry Kearney

Arts Lounge Exhibition

Di Ellis and Barry Kearney

Summer Solitude artwork
Summer Solitude: Emily Grace Freeman

Arts Lounge exhibition

Illustrator's Exhibition

joanne-pearcy-carnabys-cockatoo_acrylic and elong-cosy-at-home.jpg
Left image: Joanne Pearcy - Carnabys cockatoo acrylic
Right image. Elena Leong -Cosy at home

Arts Lounge exhibition

Joanne Percy and Elena Leong

Grace Pundyk Corina Horstra.jpg
Left image: Heirloom #9 by Grace Pundy
Right image. Plates by Corina Horstra

Arts Lounge exhibition

Grace Pundyk and Corina Horstra

Left image: Swinging by Julie Fenton
Right image::
Methina Falls - Tasmania by Russell Halden

Arts Lounge exhibition

Julie Fenton and Russell Halden

Left image: Tropical Bliss by Sue Dodd
Right image:
Leadlight by Vikki Laskowski

Arts Lounge online exhibition

Sue Dodd and Vikki Laskowski exhibition

Left image: Falling Leaves (Myra Carter)
Right image: Glacial Blue - Lake Tekapo (Kellie Hoinville)

Arts Lounge online exhibition

Myra Carter and Kelly Hoinville exhibition

Pure talent logo

Pure Talent online exhibition

Pure Talent 2020 online exhibition


Arts Lounge online exhibition


Interested in exhibiting?

Makers Windows Exhibition Program

Download the application form below to exhibit as part of our Makers Windows exhibition program.

Apply - Makers Windows Exhibition Program  (docx, 82KB)

The Arts Lounge Exhibition Program

Artists will be invited to apply for the 2024 exhibition program mid-2023. An application form will be available then. Artists can email their expression of interest to for further information. 

Opening hours

  • Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm
  • Fridays 9am to 3.30pm
  • Saturdays 9am to 2.45pm
  • Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays


Wyreena Community Arts Centre
13-23 Hull Road
Croydon 3136

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