Planning Permit Application for Tree or Native Vegetation Removal

Application for a permit to remove, lop or destroy trees or native vegetation.

Use this application form to apply to remove trees within the following planning controls:

  • Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO)
  • Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO)
  • Heritage Overlay (HO)
  • Neighbourhood Character Overlay (NCO)
  • Clause 52.17 Native Vegetation (Cl 52.17)

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Information requirements when applying online

Your online application will go through the following steps:

  1. Property Search
  2. Identify Parties applicable to this lodgement
  3. Tree Application Questionnaire
  4. Confirm your application
  5. Payment 

About each step

1. Property Search

Please enter the address of the property where the tree/s are located.

2. Identify parties applicable to this lodgement

  • Applicant: Please enter the details of the person/s applying for this application. 
  • Owner: Please enter the details of the owner where the owner is not the applicant. Where the owner is also the applicant, the owner information does not need to be completed.

3. Tree application questions

In order to assess your application against the Maroondah Planning Scheme, as well as details of the tree/s being removed or lopped, Council also needs to know the following:

  • What is the size of your land (is it over or under 4000m2)
  • Are there any restrictions, agreements or covenants on the title land?
  • Are there any impediments to Council Officers accessing the land for the purpose of site inspection? ie. dogs, gates etc?

You can help us to streamline your application by submitting as much information as possible. If the information submitted with the application is insufficient, Council will request further information

Plan of the site

A plan of the property must be submitted with all tree removal applications. You will need to attach an electronic copy of your site plan in your online application. The plan must include:

  • the location of all canopy trees and vegetation on the land, clearly marking those proposed to be removed.
  • the location and type of other significant vegetation on the site.
  • the location, species and height of any significant trees on the site that have been removed or approved to be removed in the past 3 years.

Plans may be hand drawn, but must clearly and accurately show all of the required information.

For instance:




By submitting photos of the site and trees, we may not need to conduct a site inspection. Photos of the following can greatly help:

  • the base of tree (from at least two opposite sides)
  • the whole of tree, including the canopy of the tree (taken from two opposite sides)
  • areas of concern (eg. recent branch failures, evidence of deadwood and disease/deformities etc.)

You might prefer to submit this information in a video of the tree. Our online application process can't accept videos, but you can email them to


Provide a copy of the Certificate of Title of the land - including any restrictions, agreements or covenants.

Written submission

A written statement that describes:

  • the species, height and trunk girth of the tree to be removed, destroyed or lopped
  •  if the tree is to be lopped, the extent of lopping proposed
  • any impacts on the significance of the area.
Arborist Report

Council encourages the provision of an arborist report especially where the proposal involves construction activity and that the extent of tree removal and site disturbances will have a broader landscape impact.

Tree Removal for the Construction of a new dwelling or an Extension to an existing dwelling

Where tree removal is requested to build a new building or extension, please provide copies of building plans. 

4. Confirm your application

This screen confirms the fee for your application and provides details about the fees paid and Council’s Privacy Statement. You must select the checkbox to the left of the agreement at the bottom of this screen to proceed.

5. Payment and fees

The fee paid with online applications is based on the submitted information for the removal of canopy trees within a Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO). Most applications within Maroondah fall into this overlay. 

Removal of native vegetation within a Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO) or on sites larger than 4000m2 attracts a higher fee. 

Council will contact you if your application requires a higher fee. All fees must be paid in full before the issue of any decision. 

Payments for online applications are accepted from Visa and MasterCard, at the time of submitting your application.



Use this form to apply for a permit to remove, lop or destroy trees or native vegetation.

Apply Online

By email, in person or by mail

Step 2.Submit the completed form and any supporting documents