Food safety and complaints investigation

Food poisoning 

Food poisoning can occur up to 72 hours from when you ate or drank contaminated food or before you experience any symptoms.

If you believe you are suffering from food poisoning, Council’s Community Health Services will require the following information to investigate your complaint:

  • 4 day food history
  • detailed information on places visited
  • detailed information on symptoms experienced and when they occurred
  • any leftover food if available.

To report an incident of food poisoning contact Community Health Services on 1300 88 22 33.

Food contamination

Food contamination occurs when something foreign is found in food and will therefore be unsafe if it is consumed.  Food can be contaminated in the following ways:

  • Microorganisms – these include bacteria, fungi, yeasts, mould and viruses
  • Chemical hazards – these include cleaning chemicals or foods with naturally occurring toxins like green potatoes
  • Physical hazards – these include dangerous physical objects such as plastic, glass, elastic bands or a band-aid.

What should you do if you find contaminated food?

We encourage you to contact us so the matter can be quickly investigated. We will visit the premises involved to discuss their processes and to ensure any appropriate action is taken.

If you happen to find a foreign object in your food, DO NOT remove it. Keep the product intact and store according to the product instructions such as in the fridge or seal it in a plastic container.

If the product was purchased from a premises outside of the Maroondah area, you will need to contact the Council responsible for that area or we can refer the complaint to that Council on your behalf.  To find which Council may be responsible and the contact details see Local Government Victoria

Food recalls 

Sometimes, to protect the public’s health and safety, food must be removed from sale as it may be unsafe for consumers.

In the event of a food recall, Environmental Health Officers check that local food premises are aware of the recall and they will ensure that any recalled food product is removed from sale. 

For a listing of current food recalls see


Maroondah City Council is committed to achieving a safe, healthy and active community. Watch to find out about the three most common food poisoning bacteria that cause people to become unwell; Campylobacter, Listeria and Salmonella.