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Planning Scheme Amendment process

The amendment process 

Any amendment to the scheme involves all parties with an interest in the amendment, or who may be affected by it. Before Council proposes or supports an amendment it must ensure the amendment:

  • has planning merit
  • is consistent with the future strategic directions for the municipality. 

If Council resolves to prepare an amendment, it must first seek the Minister for Planning’s authorisation.

Stages in the amendment process

The following sets out the stages of the process and the associated fees for each stage (for a proponent led amendment).

The process is determined by the Planning and Environment Act and Council has no discretion to depart from the statutory process or fees. It is overseen by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on behalf of the Minister for Planning 


Fee at 03/07/2019

Seek advice from Council’s Strategic Planning Department to understand:

  • if Council is likely to support the Amendment
  • what supporting material is required to accompany application.


Formally apply to Council for Planning Scheme Amendment


Advertising of Amendment

Costs of advertising in newspaper circulating in local area and advertising in Government Gazette

If objections are received Amendment referred to Panels Victoria for public hearing.

If no objections received proceed to Council consideration stage.

If 1-10 submissions received – $15,345.60

If 11-20 submissions received – $30,661.20

If 20+ submissions received – $40,986.80

Public Panel hearing held by Panels Victoria

Cost of panel hearing.

Panel hearing costs can be substantial.

Council consideration of Panel recommendations and adoption of Amendment


Ministerial consideration and adoption of Amendment



All fees for planning scheme amendments are determined by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Fees must be paid at the relevant stage of the amendment process.

Further information 

For more on planning scheme amendment fees see the Planning and Environment (Fees) Regulations 2016

For further information on Privately-Initiated Planning Scheme Amendments view the Policy

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