The Arts Lounge Exhibition - Jan Liesfield and Rob Raaymakers

Spinebill VI by Jan Liesfield and RR02 Bob Raaymakers

'Spinebill VI' by Jan Liesfield and 'Morning Light' by Rob Raaymakers

The Arts Lounge at Wyreena is an art space for artists to exhibit their work in a vibrant, accessible setting. 

About the artists

Jan Liesfield

Just like her local surroundings, birds often make an appearance in Jan Liesfield’s printmaking practice. They appear again and again, in many different scenes and habitats. 

The tiny Eastern Spinebill has become a regular visitor and has also become a major focus in Jan’s printmaking. With these artworks Jan has experimented with size, colour and position to emphasize the importance of this beautiful but very busy little bird. 

Like these busy birds, life can also become very hectic. The carving and hand printing of Jan’s work is a great way to slow down and spend time in a quiet and meditative process.

Jan likes her prints to tell a story. More recently she has used a combination of linocut and mixed media to take the viewer through a lyrical journey of vividly coloured artist book pages featuring the ‘bird’ as the guide.

Rob Raaymakers

In the ethereal realm of clouds, Raaymakers explores the intersection of abstraction and reality in his series, "My Equivalents." Inspired by Richard Nilsen's assertion that photographs of clouds can seamlessly embody both abstraction and reality, Raaymakers invites viewers to transcend the apparent simplicity of his images and engage in their own personal interpretations.

Drawing inspiration from the pioneering work of Alfred Stieglitz and his series "Equivalents," Raaymakers seeks to establish photography as a medium capable of profound artistic expression. Stieglitz's belief that all art serves as an equivalent to the artist's deepest life experiences resonates with Raaymakers, as his cloud photographs become visual representations of his own profound moments and philosophies.

Each image encapsulates the fleeting nature of existence, capturing dream-like experiences and the unique moods that accompany them. Through "My Equivalents," Raaymakers offers a visual dialogue where viewers are encouraged to find resonance with their own life experiences and reflections. 

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Jan Liesfield

Rob Raaymakers



  • Wednesday, 13 March 2024 | 09:00 AM - Saturday, 11 May 2024 | 02:45 PM


Wyreena Community Arts Centre, 13-23 Hull Road, Croydon, 3136, View map

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