The Arts Lounge Exhibition - Louise Seymour and Lisa West McNeice

The Arts Lounge Exhibition - Louise Seymour and Lisa West McNeice (banner).png

'Lucky Dip China Dog - Pink' by Lisa West McNeice & 'Bloom Big' by Louise Seymour

The Arts Lounge at Wyreena is an art space for artists to exhibit their work in a vibrant, accessible setting. 

About the artists

Louise Seymour

Louise Seymour is the Melbourne based paper artist behind the brand Paperlab. Over the last 6 years she has given life to many weird and wonderful blooms and paper creations whilst having the pleasure of working with international brands such as Gucci and Facebook as well as local Melbourne icons Finucane & Smith & the NGV.

Forever inspired by her ultimate muse – Mother Nature – as well as universal truths and mysteries, Louise breathes life into a new world through the art of paper sculpture.

Lisa West McNeice

Storytelling, with its inevitable intertwining of language and identity, along with the energy and imagination of play are fundamental to the artist’s work.

As a kid, West McNeice used to play with the objects depicted, conscious of intense and surreal experiences of connection. She believes the creative energy and inbuilt discipline of play is what sets us up to receive knowledge and understanding. Much of her work is therefore an exploration of the artist’s - and the viewer’s - shifting place in the concertina motion of the present and the past.

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‘All the Light You Cannot See’ - Louise Seymour

These pieces invite you to look deeper at the world that surrounds you. 

Gaze at the leaves as they catch the afternoon light. 

Peer inside the flowers and see all of creation.

Loom over the lichen and moss and appreciate their interdependent nature. 

Marvel at the mushrooms on the wet forest floor and witness the connectedness of everything. 

Even the spider’s web holds all the light you cannot see.

'Stencil Sensibility’ - Lisa West McNeice

The work in this show explores objects connected to people now gone and therefore their memory.  It embraces selective clutter and kitsch; and seeks the sometimes uneasy or even ‘daggy’ beauty in the everyday. 

In Stencil Sensibility, West McNeice has foregrounded and enlarged the small, prized objects and the crafts such as crochet and lacework of her grandmother’s glass cabinet and loungeroom. She has experimented with acrylic paint, stencils and spray paint, perhaps finding a moment when ‘Granny meets Banksy’.


  • Wednesday, 06 April 2022 | 12:00 AM - Saturday, 28 May 2022 | 11:59 PM


Wyreena Community Arts Centre, 13-23 Hull Road, Croydon, 3136, View map

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