Running an event on Council land

Events and festivals play an important role in bringing our community together.  Maroondah City Council seeks to ensure that all events held on Council land add to the culture and vitality of the area and are conducted in a safe manner.

Whether you are hosting a community, cultural or environmental gathering, a commercial activity, a celebration or a sporting event such as a fun run or major football or cricket final, if it occurs in an outdoor public space anywhere in Maroondah, you will require permission from Council for the event. 

Council land includes facilities such as:

  • sporting reserves
  • bushland reserves
  • open space
  • roads
  • car parks

Maroondah Council requires notification of an event at least 4 months prior, to allow enough time to process the application.

In some cases, events may not need a permit. These could include:

  • Sporting events which are presented as part of a regular fixture and run by clubs within existing lease agreements.
  • Events being held indoors, including Council buildings, halls and Community Centres.
  • Events on private property.
  • BBQs, Birthday parties, Christmas functions under 50 people that do not involve things like temporary infrastructure, amplification, jumping castles/amusements.

If you are unsure as to whether your event needs approval, please contact Council’s Community Events Officer.

Planning an event information

Submit an event application form

Submitting an event application form does not guarantee the requested venue and does not automatically permit your event to proceed. Once submitted, Council will review your application form and respond within 5 working days of receiving it. Please note there are several reasons that might prevent an event from proceeding such as some activities being deemed too unsafe, the event does not meet Council policies, or insufficient time is given to prepare for the event.

Apply to run an event on Council land

To apply to run an event on Council land:

Step 1: Read and understand the Events Held on Council Land Policy

Step 2: Complete an Event application form

Step 3: Wait for a response from Council (within 5 working days)

Once your application is received you will be provided either:

  • an in-principle letter of support with conditions to be met for event to take place, or
  • an explanation of why the event has not been approved.

Determine whether you need an event plan

Council uses a risk level assessment to determine the impact of an event and the process to be implemented.  The risk level determines whether an event plan is required.

Event Risk Level Assessment

Risk Level Event inclusions Is an event plan required?
Low Risk Small event up to 50 people with minimal infrastructure, no impact on traffic conditions or extensive activities. Doesn't involve children or young people aged 0 to 18 years. Not likely to require an event plan.
Medium Risk Medium event over 50 people, may impact on traffic conditions, medium noise impact, food and beverage trading, amusements, performers OR involves children or young people aged 0 to 18 years. Event plan required
High Risk Large event over 2500 participants, substantial infrastructure required, fireworks\pyrotechnics, high noise impact, road closures. Event plan required

What is an Event Plan?

Events that are medium or high risk will require an event plan which includes:

  • A detailed Event Plan
  • A Risk Assessment
  • A Site Map
  • Child Safe Event Plan (if applicable)(PDF, 2MB)
  • Public Liability Insurance (minimum $20+ million)
  • Traffic Management Plan (if applicable)
  • Evidence of notification to surrounding businesses/residents (if applicable)

Event Planning Template and Checklist(PDF, 2MB)

The Event Planning and Procedures handbook will help you prepare your event plan. 

Timeframe for providing an event plan

A minimum of 4 weeks prior to event. 

Your Event Plan, Risk Assessment and Site Map must be provided to Councils Community Events Officer at least 4 weeks prior to the event date.

Once your Event Plan, Risk Assessment and Site Map is submitted, Council will review the documentation and offer recommendations to assist with refining the planning of the event if required.

Event fees

Hire fees are payable for events held on Council land. Fees are determined according to Council's Community Facilities Pricing Policy.

If you are wanting to find out what the hire fee is for a venue, please contact Council’s Sports & Recreation Officer on 9294 5717.

Other event information 

Child safety at events

Maroondah City Council is committed to being a child safe organisation where all children and young people are valued and protected from harm and abuse.

If your event on Council land involves children or young people aged 0 to 18 years, please be aware that you will need to complete a Child Safe Event Plan(DOCX, 105KB) if your event is approved.

Read more about our approach to child safety and wellbeing or view our Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy.

Fireworks on Council land

Council is committed to ensuring that all events held on Council owned or managed land are safe, accessible and well planned.

Event organisers must consider and manage potential risks as well as the environment when planning to use fireworks on Council land. 

Please see Council’s Fireworks on Council Land Policy which includes the application process and supporting guidelines event organisers must meet when applying for approval for fireworks on Council land.

Food vendors

Event organisers

Event organisers can set up an event through Foodtrader. This will notify Council's Community Health team of the event and will allow food vendors to select the event when submitting their Statement of Trade (SOT's). Event organisers can view approved SOTs and manage food vendors attending the event.

Food vendors

All food vendors must hold a Food Act registration/notification for your temporary food premises or food truck and submit a statement of trade through Foodtrader.

Skate parks

Maroondah skate parks are not available for hire for standalone events, only events that are in partnership with Maroondah Council’s Youth Services Team will be considered.


Additional resources, forms and templates

The following pages offer helpful information on running events in Maroondah.

Forms and templates

Further information 

If you have any questions regarding the documents listed below, please contact Council's Events Officer on 9294 5722 or email