Designated bushfire areas

Building Amendment (Bushfire Construction) Regulations 2011 came into effect on 8 September 2011.

View designated areas in Maroondah

Areas of Maroondah have been designated bushfire prone areas by the Minister for Planning under the 2011 regulations.

To see the areas, click the Layers tab and tick the Bushfire layer:

View designated bushfire prone area maps online 

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)

If you are applying for a building permit within a designated bushfire prone area you must obtain a site assessment of your property to determine the appropriate Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) in accordance with AS 3959—2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas.

The BAL will then determine the materials and construction standards that can be used in your building. A minimum construction standard of BAL 12.5 for ember protection has been adopted for construction within designated bushfire prone areas.

Further information

If your property is in a designated bushfire prone area, speak to the relevant Building Surveyor about a site assessment of your property. See the Victorian Building Authority website or call them on 1300 815 127.

To see current incidents and warnings visit the VicEmergency website.