Reformed Commercial and Residential Zones for Victoria

The Victorian State Government has conducted a review of Victoria’s planning zones to ensure they are functioning correctly and that schedules were still relevant. 

As a result of this review reformed Commercial and Residential Zones have been introduced into the Victoria Planning Provisions.

Commercial Zones

The 5 existing Business Zones have been consolidated into 2 zones.

The Business 1, 2 and 5 Zones are now known as the Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z) and the Business 3 and 4 Zones are known as the Commercial 2 Zone (C2Z) on planning scheme maps.

Residential Zones

The existing Residential 1, 2 and 3 Zones are to be replaced with:

  • Residential Growth Zone

  • General Residential Zone

  • Neighbourhood Residential Zone

Detailed information on the Reformed Residential Zones 

Implementation of the reformed Commercial and Residential Zones in Maroondah

The new Commercial and Residential Zones came into effect on Thursday 19 June 2014.   

To see how the changes affect go to the Maroondah Planning Scheme.