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School and community waste education


Council offers a range of free waste education initiatives including waste minimisation and recycling workshops, composting workshops, online webinars, waste and recycling competitions, and educational presentations for schools and community groups.

Webinars and workshops

Council hosts a range of community waste and recycling webinars within the municipality each year.

Please keep an eye out for future webinars and workshops updated on this page.

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Upcoming events

School and early learning education

Council provides a range of free waste education programs for primary and secondary schools within Maroondah both online and in person. Each session engages students on the issues of waste and the impacts landfills have on our environment. Students will identify the importance of reducing waste by recycling and composting and learn about how to reduce the amount of waste we produce on a daily basis.

Topics delivered include:

  • Recycling
  • Food waste
  • Organic recycling - worms and composting
  • Litter in our environment
  • Impacts of packaging and reducing packaging
  • Waste audits and action planning 

If you would like to arrange a waste education incursion for your class, please contact Council’s Waste Education Officer.

Booking form 

Download and complete a booking form and send to

School Waste Education Program booking form  (pdf, 1008KB)

Waste education brochures

School Waste Education Program brochure  (pdf, 709KB)

School Waste Education Program brochure  (docx, 35KB)

All Maroondah based Early Learning Centres (ELCs) who have not previously attended an ELC PD workshop (conducted from 2014 - 2016) are eligible to receive a 1-on-1 workshop with Council’s Waste Education Officer to assist in improving their waste management practices. The centre will also receive an ELC waste education kit and support resources.

For more information, please contact Council’s Waste Education Officer.

Staff from Early Learning Centre’s and Kindergartens within Maroondah are invited to participate in a three-week waste education staff development program.

The staff development program will include three sessions hosted in an online format, with a different topic presented each week. The three webinars will each have program links to the Early Years Learning Framework.

Centre’s who have staff attend all three sessions will be provided with a variety of resources to assist their Centre or Kindergarten to reduce waste and improve their recycling. It does not need to be the same staff member in attendance at all three sessions and there is no limit on how many staff from your Centre or Kindergarten can attend.

Registrations open Monday 9 May. 


Recycle Right | Wednesday 1 June | 6.30pm to 7.30pm
This introductory session will introduce the three-week program and eligibility for resources. The session will also cover issues with waste, the benefits of recycling, what items are accepted in what bins and how to streamline waste systems at your Centre/Kindergarten.

Composting and Worm Farming | Wednesday 8 June | 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Learn how to set up and maintain a compost bin or worm farm system for your Centre/ Kindergarten. You will learn what food and/or garden waste is acceptable in each system and how to approach some common troubleshooting issues.

Creating Change in ELCs | Wednesday 17 June | 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Educators will learn how to become change makers in their Centre or Kindergarten. The session will provide steps for developing an action plan and how to implement changes within the workplace, for both staff, children and the broader community. This session will also provide some support as to how to begin investigating waste generation at your Centre/Kindergarten in more detail.

Download the program flyer:

ELC Program Flyer 2022  (pdf, 176KB)


Bookings are strictly limited and registration is essential. To register your Centre or Kindergarten for this program, please submit a registration form online by Friday 20 May.

Further information


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