Media statement - MVC Boxing update

Published on 19 March 2024

Negotiations on the terms of a proposed lease between MVC Boxing and Council officers are continuing in good faith.

As a decision or agreement has not been reached to date, Council has extended the current rental agreement until 23 April 2024. We look forward to providing further information as negotiations progress.

Media statement - MVC Boxing

Published on 15 February 2024

To support community and sporting groups in Maroondah, Council leases a range of Council-owned facilities to a variety of organisations. Council may grant an organisation either a Community Facility Lease or Commercial Facility Lease, having regard to the criteria in Council’s Community Facilities Occupancy Policy (Policy).

To be entitled to a Community Facility Lease under the Policy, an organisation must operate as a not-for-profit, community-based organisation and meet annual reporting requirements.

In July 2014, MVC Boxing entered into a Community Facility Lease to operate a boxing gym at the Jubilee Park precinct. The lease expired in July 2018, however MVC Boxing continued to occupy the premises as a monthly tenant.

Council has been in discussions with MVC Boxing since November 2022 regarding the terms of a proposed new lease at the premises. During this time, an independent audit was undertaken to determine whether MVC Boxing was operating as a not-for-profit entity as required under the Policy.  Numerous requests were made to MVC Boxing to provide the information necessary to substantiate its not-for-profit status.  Based on the information made available to it, the independent auditor was not satisfied that the operations of MVC Boxing were for not-for-profit purposes only.

MVC Boxing was offered the opportunity to remain in the premises either:

  • under a Community Facility Lease, if it satisfies the eligibility criteria of a not-for-profit entity under the Policy; or
  • under a Commercial Lease arrangement, subject to negotiating acceptable terms.

MVC Boxing has not demonstrated to Council’s satisfaction that it meets the criteria for a Community Facility Lease as set out in the Policy.

In November 2023, MVC Boxing was provided with the opportunity to negotiate the proposed terms of a new Commercial Lease arrangement, however MVC Boxing chose not to engage with Council.

In January 2024, Council advised MVC Boxing that its monthly tenancy would end on 15 February 2024, as no agreement had been reached regarding the terms of a proposed new lease.

On Wednesday 14 February, a representative acting on behalf of MVC Boxing contacted Council confirming their agreement to commence negotiations. Council will enter into these conversations in good faith.

Maroondah Mayor Councillor Kylie Spears

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