Protecting Maroondah's heritage

Published on 05 April 2024

The Drive-In Shopping Centre, Ringwood.

The Drive-In Shopping Centre, Ringwood. Source: Picture Collection, State Library of Victoria (H32492/8682)

At its meeting on Monday 18 March 2024, Council adopted an amendment of C148maro, taking into consideration all comments from the community and the independent panel. This amendment will now be submitted to the Minister for Planning and added to the Maroondah Planning Scheme.

This municipal-wide heritage amendment aims to preserve elements of Maroondah’s post-World War II history. The amendment implements the recommendations of City of Maroondah Heritage Study Review and is supported by the 2021 Maroondah Heritage Action Plan.

Mayor of Maroondah, Councillor Kylie Spears, said the amendment will help maintain Maroondah’s heritage character.

“Council was pleased to receive so many submissions relating to Amendment C148maro and to see our community engaging with the heritage review.

“This important amendment forms part of Council’s obligation under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 to conserve buildings and places in Maroondah that are of aesthetic, architectural or historic interest, or otherwise of special cultural value,” Cr Spears said.

“With the heritage amendment in place, Maroondah’s significant postwar heritage assets can be protected and maintained into the future, so that our City’s unique character can be enjoyed by generations to come.”

Council began a municipal-wide Heritage Study review in 2017, recognising the value of documenting, celebrating and protecting significant heritage assets from Maroondah’s post-World War II period. This is Maroondah’s most comprehensive heritage study since the 2003 Heritage Study.

Postwar heritage protection is becoming increasingly important, as most of Maroondah’s suburban development took place after World War II - particularly in areas such as Heathmont, Bayswater North, Warranwood and Croydon Hills.

The importance of protecting Maroondah’s postwar heritage is supported by Council’s 2022 municipal-wide heritage study and City of Maroondah Heritage Study Review: Volume 1 Post-WW2 Thematic Environmental History, which found that the post-World War II period most strongly characterises Maroondah’s residential areas and activity centres.

When the heritage study was complete, Council prepared and exhibited Amendment C148maro in 2023.

Following extensive consultation prior to the preparation of the amendment and during the formal exhibition period with all involved property owners, the amendment was reviewed late last year by an independent panel that was appointed by the Minister for Planning. The independent panel made a number of recommendations, including some changes to where the Heritage Overlay is applied in Maroondah.

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