Traffic frequently asked questions

Find out about what can be done about speeding and hooning in your area, as well as some other frequently asked questions relating to traffic.

Can Council put speed humps or other traffic calming treatments in my street?

Council will investigate if traffic calming treatments are needed and determine how any works would be prioritised in the context of the limited Local Area Traffic Management budget that funds these works. The investigation may involve:

  • a review of VicRoads CrashStats data
  • discussions with the local police
  • investigatory site inspections of the locations
  • traffic counts and speed surveys
  • identifying and implementing any mitigating works if needed.

Each financial year, Council has the difficult task of assessing various streets and locations to apply for or allocate funds for mitigating traffic calming or improvements works. Council currently has an approximate 10-year program of Local Area Traffic Management projects currently waiting on funding to be implemented across the municipality. 

If you want to know whether your street is already on Council’s list, please call Council’s Engineering team on 9298 4292.

What can I do about cars speeding and hooning in my street?

What can I do about cars speeding and hooning in my street?

Enforcement associated with speeding, hooning and other anti-social driving behaviour is the responsibility of Victoria Police.

To help with these issues, you can:

  • record details of these events and report them to Victoria Police through Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000
  • provide the police with as much detail as possible so they can build a profile of the area and provide targeted responses.

If residents report hoon behaviour, offenders and hotspot areas can be identified and targeted for investigation and prevention measures.

The police have legislation that enables them to impound a vehicle if the driver is detected committing any of the following offences:

  • participating in a race or speed trial
  • improper use of a motor vehicle, which is the intentional loss of traction of one or more wheels, such as performing donuts, burnouts, handbrake turns or monos on a motorbike
  • dangerous driving committed in circumstances involving improper use of a motor vehicle
  • careless driving involving improper use of motor vehicle
  • failure to have proper control of the motor vehicle involving improper use
  • causing a motor vehicle to make excessive noise or smoke involving improper use
  • exceeding the speed limit by 45 km/h or more
  • travelling at 145 km/h or more in a 100 km/h zone
  • driving whilst disqualified or suspended.

Council officers cannot issue infringements for speeding, or impound vehicles for the above offences. 

Can Council install ‘Keep Clear’ linemarking outside my street or driveway?

Keep Clear markings are primarily used to help motorists on a major road turn into a side road. This minimises delay to through traffic caused by stationary turning vehicles. See an example of this below:

Line markings.PNG         

Overuse of ‘Keep Clear’ linemarking reduces the overall effectiveness of the linemarking, including at locations where they are genuinely warranted.

Can Council install or remove a bus shelter at my bus stop?

The provision of bus services including bus shelters and bus stops falls under the responsibility of the Victorian Department of Transport and Planning.

The locations are selected based on criteria such as public transportation needs, distances to walk, safety considerations and community convenience.

Council can forward residents’ concerns to DTP for their direct response. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss the matter further it is suggested to contact the Department of Transport and Planning customer service team directly on 9655 6666.

Do Maroondah City Council operate the bus services within the Municipality?

No. Bus services and routes operating in Maroondah and to neighbouring areas are provided by the following companies:

  • Ventura - 9488 2100
  • Kinetic - 8618 0888
  • McKenzie Bus Services - 9853 6264


Maroondah City Council has a continuing commitment to improve access for people with disabilities.

This is demonstrated through the Maroondah Disability Action Plan 2022-2026 which recognises access to local infrastructure including footpaths as a key issue and opportunity. 

Can Council replace steep kerb ramps?

Council’s Traffic Team can measure kerb ramp grades in accordance with the Australian Standards. If it is found the kerb ramps require improvements, the ramp will be referred to Council’s Accessibility Improvement Program (DDA) for future works, subject to works prioritisation and available funding.