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Local area traffic management - Patrick Avenue, Palmer Avenue & Warrien Road, Croydon North

Patrick Avenue Croydon North
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Approx. start date:05 April 2021
Approx. end date:28 May 2021
Council has funding available in its Capital Works Program to install traffic calming measures in Patrick Avenue, Palmer Avenue and Warrien Road.

The proposed traffic calming measures will include;

  • The installation of four sets of speed cushions at Patrick Avenue.
  • The installation of one set of speed cushions at Palmer Avenue.
  • The installation of four sets of speed cushions at Warren Road.
  • Improvement works to the intersection of Patrick Avenue/Palmer Avenue/Arkarra Court.

Improvement works

Intersection of Patrick Avenue/Palmer Avenue/Arkarra Court

The current vehicle priority at the intersection of Patrick Avenue/Palmer Avenue/Arkarra Court, is from Patrick Avenue into Arkarra Court, with Palmer Avenue forming the side street of this T-intersection. This however, does not align with the dominant traffic flows through the intersection as Palmer Avenue links to Warrien Road.

Concerns were raised with Council that the current layout and linemarking of the intersection creates confusion and this results in vehicles travelling northbound along Arkarra Court onto Patrick Avenue being cut off from southbound vehicles undertaking a right turn into Palmer Avenue. This confusion is partially created by the kerb outstand opposite Palmer Avenue, as well as the painted traffic island within Patrick Avenue guiding traffic into Palmer Avenue potentially making it appear that Patrick Avenue continues into Palmer Avenue with Arkarra Court forming the side street.

Council Engineers have investigated the option of changing the priority of this intersection from Patrick-Arkarra to Patrick-Palmer, to cater for the dominant traffic flow, however the outcome of this investigation was that there was insufficient room to allow the road to be widened sufficiently to allow for buses to be able to pass safely while driving through the bend. Maintaining the existing priority makes it clear that a northbound bus or large vehicle is required to give way to a southbound vehicle.

Council’s design for the intersection keeps the existing priority, however, removes the kerb outstand and painted traffic island and has linemarking and signage changes that make it clear that this is a standard T-intersection, with Palmer Avenue being the side street.  The existing non-compliant guard rail will be removed and replaced with energy absorbing bollards, similar to the below example photo.

Pedestrian accessibility improvements are also included within the proposed design including the installation of three pairs of kerb ramps to allow the crossing of Patrick Avenue, Palmer Avenue and Arkarra Court at the intersection.

View the plans

Speed cushion locations  (pdf, 2MB)

Intersection Modification Works - Patrick Avenue, Palmer Avenue & Arkarra Court  (pdf, 1MB)

Further information

For further information on the proposed works, contact Council’s Project Engineer, Matthew Wright, on 9298 4357.

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