Time and Place 2022

Hayden Dewar, Time and Place 2022

Spanning more than fifty metres in length, Time and Place is a richly coloured mural developed in partnership with Maroondah City Council and Globird Energy.

Additional elements of Maroondah heritage include apples and pears from the history of Orchards in the area, as well as the crystal Antimony, which has previously been mined in the area. Elf-life creatures travel throughout the painting; these are a recurring motif in the artist’s work that he refers to as ‘Solarquins’.

View the video below on how the mural was made. 


About the artist

Based in Melbourne Australia, Hayden Dewar is an artist whose projects include council and privately commissioned murals, freelance illustration work and paintings. Hayden is passionate about transforming and enhancing public spaces through mural art and thrives on the positivity and public engagement that accompanies projects situated within the urban environment.


79-83 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood 3134  View map

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