The Nappy Project

Reuseable nappies on a pink background

The Nappy Project has been designed to provide families with advice, support and resources so they can try out reusable nappies. Fourteen Victorian councils have come together to offer training to Maternal Health Nurse teams and Childcare teams, as well as workshops for the residents living within the 14 councils.

Disposable nappies can cost a whopping $3,600 per child over two and a half years. By switching to reusable nappies, parents and caregivers can save approximately $2,270 per child during that time. There are also other great savings - waste reduction, less smelly bins and the health benefits that come from avoiding the chemicals found in disposable nappies. 

The Nappy Project aims to empower parents and caregivers to choose reusable nappies as an effective, sustainable and cost-saving alternative. Switching to just one reusable nappy a day will prevent 365 nappies from going to landfill per year and benefit the household budget.

Visit the Nappy Project website for further information.

This project is supported by the Circular Economy Councils Fund. The Fund is delivered by Sustainability Victoria under the Victorian Government’s circular economy policy, Recycling Victoria: a new economy.

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