Construction Zone Permits

Major constructions or other works sometimes require the semi-permanent occupation of the road reserve to facilitate the completion of works in a timely manner. When this is required builders and contractors can obtain a Construction Zone Permit to occupy part of the road reservation.

An occupation may be required due to:

  • activity associated with a large scale development (e.g. multi-storey building where site amenities are temporarily stored within the road reserve),
  • crane delivery / setup,
  • a mass concrete pour,
  • a large number of coordinated deliveries,
  • construction parking, and
  • stockpiling materials.

Under the provisions of the Road Management Act, builders/contractors will be responsible for the safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians during the works as well as any reinstatement works.

How to apply for a permit

You will need:

  • An existing conditions plans showing all existing conditions at the site and elements within the road reserve.
  • A works program with start / end dates and key milestones relevant to the construction zone.
  • A construction zone plan showing the construction zone area and any safety measures required.
  • Current Public Liability Insurance – Certificate of Cover.

Applications forms are available from Council’s Service Centres, or download the form.

See construction zone permit application form

You can also call 1300 88 22 33 to have an application form mailed to you.

Applications will be assessed within 10 working days of submission of the application.

Extension of time

See construction zone permit extension of time application form

Fees and payment

All fees associated with a Construction Zone Permit are listed on the application forms and consist of:

  • an application fee,
  • a permit administration fee
  • a Construction Zone rental fee.

Council Engineers reserve the right to review the Construction Zone rental fee, including to waive or otherwise amend this fee for works associated with public safety or an emergency order.

Payment of the application fee is required at submission of the application. Successful applications will then be issued with a separate invoice for the Construction Zone Permit administration and rental fees.