Vehicle crossing permits

A Vehicle Crossing Permit is always required when a new vehicle crossing is to be constructed, or an existing crossing is to be relocated or modified. 

Crossover works must be approved by Council before a permit is issued. 

Apply for a permit

See Vehicle crossing permit application forms

Supporting documents

Please provide:

  • a fully dimensioned site plan or sketch grid plan
  • consent of utility authorities where their services are affected (see section 5.0 of the guidelines below)
  • a current photo of the proposed works.

You can submit your application by email.


The fee for a vehicle crossing permit is $298.

Please note the retrospective permit fee will be $447.


View our guidelines for details of the approval process for the construction/alteration of a vehicle crossing. 

Vehicle Crossing Guidelines and Process(PDF, 160KB)

Vehicle Crossing Guidelines and Process(DOCX, 266KB)

Vehicle Crossing Engineering Standard Drawings 

We provide engineering standard drawings that detail infrastructure assets such as roads, pathways, kerb, stormwater drains and pits 

See standard drawings for vehicle crossings