Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre — Urban Design Manual

The Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre — Urban Design Manual provides details about the furniture suite to be used in the Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre.

This Urban Design Manual provides details on the required aesthetic to be implemented within the RMAC including a suite of furniture elements, pavement details, kerb and channel requirements, porous pavement, TGSIs, tree pit infill details and street tree planting details. Where details on installation are required please refer to the Engineering Standard Drawings. 

Enquiries relating to the Urban Design Manual should be directed to Council’s Business and Development  on 9298 4291.

Complete set of Drawings

Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre Urban Design Manual - full(PDF, 4MB)

Individual Drawings

Background and approach(PDF, 429KB)

Urban Furniture Suite Index(PDF, 25KB)

RF001 Seat with back(PDF, 146KB)

RF002 Bench seat(PDF, 120KB)

RF003 Freestanding seat(PDF, 132KB)

RF004 Table with seats(PDF, 124KB)

RF005 Bike rack(PDF, 366KB)

RF005a Single bike rack(PDF, 610KB)

RF006 Bin rubbish(PDF, 150KB)

RF007 Bin recycle(PDF, 161KB)

RF008 Bollard removable(PDF, 164KB)

RF009 Bollard fixed(PDF, 163KB)

RF010 Drinking fountain(PDF, 101KB)

RF011 Pedestrian light(PDF, 95KB)

RF012 Street lighting(PDF, 113KB)

RF013 Cafe screens(PDF, 120KB)

RF014 Tree guard(PDF, 211KB)

RF015 Tree grate(PDF, 177KB)

RF016 Typical pavement modules, zone 1(PDF, 42KB)

RF017 Typical pavement modules, zones 2 and 3(PDF, 40KB)

RF018 Typical street tree planting(PDF, 185KB)

RF019 Storm water pit lid(PDF, 30KB)

Appendix 3.1, Fixing Specifications(PDF, 502KB)