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Engineering Standard Drawings

Engineering Standard Drawings provide construction details for traditional infrastructure assets such as roads, pathways, kerb, stormwater drains and pits. This is the primary asset standard drawing document and should be used to supplement the Infrastructure and Landscape Guidelines and Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre - Urban Design Manual.

For information about Engineering Standard Drawings contact Engineering and Building Services on 9298 4292

Complete set of Drawings

Engineering Standard Drawings - full  (pdf, 6MB)

Individual Drawings

SD – A01 Index of Standard Drawings  (pdf, 38KB)

SD – B01 Road Nature Strip Sections with House Connection Drains  (pdf, 170KB)

SD – B02 Typical K & Ch and Pavement Section  (pdf, 130KB)

SD – B03 Typical Road Widening Detail  (pdf, 120KB)

SD – B04 Subsoil Ag. Drainage Pipe & Trench Detail  (pdf, 103KB)

SD – B05 Typical Drainage Trench in Road Reserve  (pdf, 161KB)

SD – C01 Kerb Profiles Used in Maroondah  (pdf, 145KB)

SD – D01 Side Entry Pit: Type 1 for Type ‘B2’ Kerb & Channel (Sheet 1)  (pdf, 245KB)

SD – D02 Double Side Entry Pit  (pdf, 192KB)

SD – D03 Grated Side Entry Pit Type 1  (pdf, 233KB)

SD – D04 Grated Side Entry Pit Type 2  (pdf, 239KB)

SD – D05 Side Entry Pit Conversion at Vehicle Crossings  (pdf, 197KB)

SD – D06 Junction Pit Type 1  (pdf, 123KB)

SD – D07 Fiberglass Junction Pit Frame & Lid Details  (pdf, 241KB)

SD – D08 Steel Grate & Surround  (pdf, 116KB)

SD – D09 Step Iron Detail  (pdf, 97KB)

SD – D10 Precast Lintel Type 1  (pdf, 95KB)

SD – D11 Precast Lintel Type 2 for Double Side Entry Pit  (pdf, 94KB)

SD - D12 Easement Property Inlet Pit Type 1 (sheet 1) - DELETED

SD-D13 Standard Endwall Detail  (pdf, 269KB)

SD – E01 Direct Pipe Connection to Council Drain Within Road Reserve  (pdf, 109KB)

SD – E01A Easement Drain Property Inlet  (pdf, 104KB)

SD – E02 House Connection to Existing Council Pit  (pdf, 100KB)

SD – F01 Standard Footpath Details in Road Reserve  (pdf, 204KB)

SD – F02 Footpath Grating Pit & Spoon Drain  (pdf, 76KB)

SD – F03 Shared Path Details Concrete  (pdf, 104KB)

SD – F04 Shared Path Details Asphalt  (pdf, 146KB)

SD – G01 Pram Crossing Layout Type 1  (pdf, 431KB)

SD – G02 Typical Pram Crossing  (pdf, 105KB)

SD – G03 Tactile Indicators  (pdf, 115KB)

SD – G04A Type A – High Volume Road Raised Pavement Standard Details  (pdf, 104KB)

SD – G04B Type B – Low Volume Road Raised Pavement Standard Details  (pdf, 105KB)

SD – G04C Raised Pavement Linemarking Details  (pdf, 92KB)

SD – G05 Road Hump Detail (Watts Profile) Standard Details  (pdf, 93KB)

SD – G06 Road Hump & Raised Pavement Signage Details  (pdf, 92KB)

SD – G07 Standard Splitter Island  (pdf, 127KB)

SD – G08 Line Marking at Intersections  (pdf, 101KB)

SD-H01 Vehicle Crossing Type A - Superseded (refer to SD-H05 below)

SD-H01 Vehicle Crossing Type B - Superseded (refer to SD-H05 below)

SD – H03 Industrial & Heavy Use Vehicle Crossing  (pdf, 116KB)

SD – H04 Vehicle Crossing With Culvert  (pdf, 92KB)

SD – H05 Standard Vehicle Crossing  (pdf, 116KB)

SD – J01 Street Name Blade and Sign Assembly  (pdf, 252KB)

SD-J02 Street Name Blade and Sign Assembly - Private Common Property  (pdf, 107KB)

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