Arts Activators

Arts Activators is an arts program inviting young people (18-25) to produce new works to transform and activate spaces at Maroondah Federation Estate.

For 2024 three artists were selected through an open callout for projects including sculptures, installation, puppetry and performance. 

The artists

Mikayla Hotton

Mikayla-Hotton.jpgArtwork by Mikayla Hotton

Mikayla Hotton is an early career artist who specialises in the art of puppet making and mould making. She creates highly detailed otherworldly characters who are quirky as they are mischievous. Building stories from the ground up she meticulously sculpts all sets and props by hand, giving her backgrounds a character of their own. Puppet movements are carefully engineered and tested.

Maya Grkow

Maya-Grkow.jpgArtwork by Maya Grkow

Maya Grkow is an emerging New Zealand, and Australian artist who studied Sculpture at RMIT University. Utilising recycled materials she explores the ideas of comfort and hope. Her works serve as a metaphorical comfort pillow—a symbol of hope and support during life's trials. 

Imogen Davis

Imogen-Davis.jpgArtwork by Imogen Davis

Imogen Davis is an artist and art student interested in the world-building of real life and how we as humans, as well as animals, plants, and non-organism elements interact with and in turn affect everything within it. She works in installation creating expanded 3D collages to explore the environment and ecosystems that can be found in and around Maroondah.

Further information

For more information contact Arts and Culture on 0417 915 347 or email

The project was part of the VicHealth Local Government Partnerships and supported by Maroondah City Council.