Creator and Protector

Creator and Protector by Thulli Mara

Thulli Mara (Woi-Wurrung, Boon Wurrung and Yuggera) is an artist, wood worker, writer and Traditional owner who lives on Woi-Wurrung country. The artist combines numerous ancestral and family art styles including dot, line, geometric, abstract and crosshatch which are often rendered in vibrant colours upon a black background. With a practice spanning fifteen years across both studio and mural practices, cultural storytelling is a key component in Thulli Mara’s work.

This piece tells the story of two figures that hold great symbolism and meaning in Aboriginal dreamtime stories and in the kinship system known as Moiety. 

Bunjil the Eagle watches over his children from the sky, guiding the sun on its daily journey, symbolizing protection and safety. Bunjil is the symbol of creation, protection and eternal strength.

Yurlunggur the great serpent constantly travels far and wide. As she makes her way across the land her body formed mountains, valleys and rivers. The Rainbow Serpent was the Dreamtime creature who shaped the Earth. Yurlunggur is the symbol of the ever-changing landscape and the people who constantly move forward shaping their future.

Creator and Protector by Thulli Mara
Thulli Mara, Creator and Protector, 2024


Croydon Tennis Club, Croydon 3136, Wurundjeri Country  View map

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