Hoardings by Vandal, Maroondah Highway, Ringwood

Having a Yarn, 2021, Vandal

The vibrant artworks that stretch along Maroondah Highway have been designed by Tricia Van Der-Kuyp (aka Vandal). A proud Wiradjuri Woman and public artist (bundadhaany), Vandal lives in the eastern region and enjoys the greenery and urban bush feel of Maroondah.

The works reflect some of the rich biodiversity to be found in Maroondah. Inspired by birds that are Indigenous to the Maroondah region, the panels depict the Eastern Yellow Robin and the Red-browed Finch. The birds are framed by the Cinnamon Wattle and the Common Correa flower which can also be found in Maroondah and are often planted to attract birds. 

Having a Yarn, 2021, Vandal
Having a Yarn 2021

"Surrounded by cinnamon wattle (Acacia leprosa) the Eastern Yellow Robins (Eopsaltria australis) in this piece are busy having a good old yarn with one another. The birds around me are always talking. I always hear the birds chatting away when I wake up, or during the evening when winding down after the day. Why don’t we take notice of them? Why don’t we hear them? We need to listen to the animals. We need to have a chat, a yarn, with those around us, our neighbours, and our community. There is a lot to talk about in our lives, and we should enjoy sharing our yarns with everyone."

Day Dreaming (The Quiet), 2021, Vandal
Day Dreaming (The Quiet) 2021

“The two little red-browed finches (Neochmia temporalis) in this piece are about to talk, but seem to be distracted by the Common Correa flowers ( Correa reflexa  or variety of) or something else that we, the viewer, can’t quite see beyond the Correa flowers. Instead they end up having a little day dream, or moment of quiet contemplation and reflection.”

Artist statements, Tricia Van Der-Kuyp February 2021

For more information about the artist visit www.artistvandal.com


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