The Arts Lounge Exhibition - Margaret Krajnc and Hsin Lin

'Summer Tree at Bonnie’ by Margaret Krajnc and ‘When the sun comes up - Killarney Strawberry Tree (Arbutus Unedo)’  by Hsin Lin

'Summer Tree at Bonnie Doon’ by Margaret Krajnc and ‘When the sun comes up - Killarney Strawberry Tree (Arbutus Unedo)’ by Hsin Lin

The Arts Lounge at Wyreena is an art space for artists to exhibit their work in a vibrant, accessible setting. 

About the artists

Margaret Krajnc - Treescape

Over the past four years I have become fascinated by light and shadow cast on trees at different times of the day. My work explores light, colour, texture and varied marks in acrylic or graphite, to create depth and form within the different layers of a treescape. My paintings capture trees in moments of enjoyment, of places I have either sat quietly or water skied over glassy water.

Hsin Lin

Hsin Lin is an award-winning artist based in Melbourne. Her ongoing, signature contemporary floral series feature native and common flowers. Flowers represent life and each different type of flower has a unique symbolic meaning.

Lin is inspired by her close observation of the natural world. Through a process of careful looking Lin is able to capture an incredible amount of intricate detail. To create the larger-scale work, Lin normally spends 6-12 months developing the intricate composition. The fine details such as the tiny petals have been developed through ten or more layers of paint. Lin describes that ‘although still-life is considered a traditional genre, each object in the paintings stands for a different meaning and has its own story. Flowers represent us as humans, vases represent the body carrying our soul, protecting us like a shield. The weaving basket stands for connections—the bonds between families, friends and all the people around us. Even if you are apart, everyone is still being linked together as a whole and we are stronger together.’ Lin’s paintings, a series of flowers in full bloom, remind us that we are alive, and that life is vibrant, blossoming, and full of potential.

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Margaret Krajnc

Hsin Lin


  • Wednesday, 18 October 2023 | 12:00 AM - Tuesday, 19 December 2023 | 11:59 PM


Wyreena Community Arts Centre, 13-23 Hull Road, Croydon, 3136, View map

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