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Carnifex by Roger Archbold

Croydon VIC 3136
Conceived by local artist Roger Archbold, ‘Carnifex’ is a stencil located in the San Carlos Walk in Croydon.

Carnifex 2021, stencils and acrylic, San Carlos Walk, Croydon 

Carnifex is a public artwork that explores Croydon’s history from the Pleistocene and depicts the marsupial lion, which may have lived and hunted in the area. Although a century of debate has ensured about whether it was a ‘peaceful possum’ or a 'lethal predator', current evidence suggests it was definitely the latter and could have been the origin of stories of the fearsome bunyip.

This project was developed through funding from the Maroondah City Council Arts and Cultural Grant Program.

Further information 

For more information on the project visit the Carniflex website

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